Puke-Worthy Positivity: a Welcome Note

Before I go into our very first blog post, allow me to introduce myself and my motivations for starting this blog. 

My name is Jamye. I’m twenty five years old and work full time as a call center rep. I’m married to the love of my life, and am mom to three kids. I grew up very shy, introverted, overweight, and quirky. I’ve always been told I was “too positive” or “too quiet”. A few false labels included “spoiled” or “stuck up.”

This is me speaking out against critics that I allowed to define me. This is me owning and loving optimism after a two year battle of embedded bitterness and hopelessness. 

This blog will center around family life and the importance of family. It will include community, hobbies, and simple inspirations. It will also include, but certainly will not be limited to: healthy living, God (without the box) as well as #camperliving, #homeschooling, #idonthavepatienceanymoreliving.

Needless to say, while I’m taking steps towards confidence, I wait to share my experiences with you as a wife, mom, and a woman. We are here, taking each day moment by moment trying to be the best that we can be. I look forward to seeing your comments, and sharing in your own experiences as well. 

More details about our family can be found in my About section. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be posting regularly about our ventures and hobbies, especially with warmer days right around the corner! 


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